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Bravo for Oceans 2023

   • What is the Bravo for Oceans Initiative?

   • How does Bravo for Oceans work?

   • How can you contribute to Bravo for Oceans?

   • Goals and commitments of Ogyre



What is the Bravo for Oceans Initiative?

Bravo for Oceans is our brand-new initiative, created as part of our ongoing mission to support important Green Projects around the globe. This new initiative comes off the back of our recent collaboration with the non-profit organization Eden Reforestation Projects which aims to plant and preserve trees within the forested areas of underdeveloped countries.

In order to maximize this year’s goal, we have chosen to join forces with Ogyre, a young Italian Start-up which aims to reduce marine litter and empower communities, by collecting plastic from the oceans through a network of Fishermen before transforming them into new products.

Ogyre, which operates in Brazil, Indonesia and Italy, has established a sustainable and transparent chain that aims to safeguard both the oceans themselves by removing marine debris, whilst also providing a new economic income to the local fishermen charged with the task of removing plastic waste from the waters.

How does Bravo for Oceans work?

By working with an international partner who shares our vision, we are committed to achieving our ambitious goal and have pledged to finance, together with Ogyre, the removal of 2,000lbs of marine garbage from the seas of Indonesia, Brazil and Italy. Over the next 12 months, fishermen will recover plastic from the seas in their local areas, their work supported by Ogyre.

To give you a better understanding of what that means, just imagine 2,000lbs of waste as 2,000lbs of plastic. That’s the equivalent of 100,000 plastic bottles that could be polluting our oceans. The work of Ogyre sees the fishermen as the protagonists but with your contribution, you can be, too!

How can you contribute to Bravo for Oceans?

By making a purchase from one of our participating brands between November 25th and December 25th, 2023, you will be helping us to achieve our goal and support this important initiative towards lasting change.

Not only will you be supporting fishing communities in different areas of the world, but you will also make a real contribution to the cleaning of our oceans.

Goals and commitments of Ogyre

Ogyre is committed to overturning the all too familiar pattern produced by the Earth’s resources being continually consumed and exploited by humans. The name Ogyre originated from Ocean Gyres, the system of circular ocean currents that are essential for the ecosystem but that are sadly also responsible today for creating huge garbage patches in the oceans. Ogyre’s goal is to make those currents virtuous and vital once again. 

Ogyre offers everybody the chance to actively help save the ocean. Their sustainable chain, which involves the recovery of plastic waste from the oceans through networks of local fishing communities and turning it into usable products means that this pattern can be broken. Every item purchased or project funded is a step towards saving our oceans. 

Help us in making the world a little cleaner!

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